Glimpse Behind the Curtain

At my age, I believe I live enough.

Except life is what you make it;

a mixture of personal experience.

I indulge in carnal pleasures

to hit a climax of an euphoric ecstasy.

The kiss from whiskey-

It’s rough and harsh while burning my lips,

yet it caresses my throat with a pleasant singe.

Another morning of awkwardness

with a wayward seductress.

She came and went like a thief in the night,

but we were entwined in erotic poetry.

A sultry confidante of my vulnerabilities.

Just another sip of fresh poison,

and I delve into paradise.

However, the intoxication remains the same

as I mesh with other restless strays.

We’re all on cloud nine at this party!

The lights, music and substances are plentiful

for the burdened and heavy-laden.

There’s rest for both wicked and weary here-

Lay your demons down!

Maybe I’m in need of absolution…

or I’ll continue to construct these thoughts as the room is spinning.



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