Dog of Infinity

Human beings are a peculiar bunch. We possess a conscious mind that relies on logical understanding and rational decisions. In some instances, we form attachments to lesser creatures. These creatures are called our pets. These furry invaders provide our lives with perspective through their eyes. From their behaviors to their quirky personalities, they creep their way into our hearts becoming a part of us. There’s never a dull moment because of their antics, yet they manage to teach us lessons through their animal wisdom. Death doesn’t care about our feelings for our loved ones. It doesn’t care what species they are. It’s the silent assassin that lurks and strikes when we least expect it. Sassy, my shepherd/husky mix, out witted Death for 15 years. She was more than the family dog– she was family. When I came back home from the military, I was plagued with past mental issues and self loathing. Sassy became my comfort through my personal trials. She was my silent confidante and furry shoulder to lean on.

She didn’t care about the clothes I wore-

She didn’t care about who I knew-

She didn’t care about where I lived-

She didn’t care about my flaws-

She only care about me being there.

Now the backyard seems bigger-

The nights are now silent-

No dog hair through the house-

The leftovers are now garbage-

The garage isn’t a mess.

A piece of me disappeared, but that piece is engraved in eternity.



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