Piles of Nachos

The little things in life you cherish the most. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive just meaningful. Piles of Nachos is a poem about a meaningful event in my life. During my time in the military, I was displaced overseas. It’s different world than America and at times it got lonely. You’re thousands of miles away with your heart half way round the world. I managed to get by with help from my friends. Friends are the family you choose. Even though we weren’t related, blood didn’t make us family-our bond held us together. In a general definition, family is related through a common characteristic and so to be treated with loyalty or intimacy. Our common relation was build through hardship. Whether it was embracing the suck of our career field or the bullshit of daily life, we leaned on each other shoulders. Those dark hours were our defining moments as a dysfunctional yet functional family . My family tree crosses all races, religions and sexual orientation. I might not speak to them often except I know they’ll be there. Those group of assholes who are rough around the edges but willing to ride or die with you-that’s my definition of family. Who would have thought nachos carried so much meaning….


One sizable house

A loving couple

A goofy Great Dane

Bags of Doritos

Bags of Nacho Chips

Cook up beef and bean

Bags of shredded cheese

Few jalapenos

Combine together

Pile on a large plate

Invite your dysfunctional family;

not by blood but through military

Plentiful amounts of Coronas;

then hilarity slowly ensues

Nachos disappear;

the culprits are the ones invited

Football is on the television

Another bonding experience

To good friends

To good food

To good times



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