Streets in Perspective

The streets are under my feet. My dirty boots hit the ground, and I embrace the smell. My nostrils are engulfed by the stench; the smell is a balance that ranges from delightful to rancid. Cultures stroll within the city of Savannah every day. Everyone caught up in their own personal affairs. As I walk by everybody, I find myself in disgust; however, I’m just as disgusting. Around me, folks fill the air with obnoxious gossip. My eyes observe the muck: the nook and crannies the main populous doesn’t notice. There’s an eccentric beauty to this place. A subtle enchantment works its way into my system. Lord grant me peace, because I need it. I despise it all, and I despise the way I feel. Somehow, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want y’all to do something for me. I want y’all to take time to breathe in your environment. Inhale the scent of your city. We can forget how elaborate a place can be. All walks of life pass by us each day. Take a moment to appreciate it. Your change of perspective leads to a change in attitude. Go ahead take a different look at your surroundings. You can be that outsider looking through the window maybe get a bird’s eye view. If you manage a change of scene, you’ll see the cloud with a silver lining.


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