Shot in the Dark: Headfirst into the Daily Grind

There’s too much confusion without relief. Morning sun hits my eyes for another day, but I don’t want to embrace the day just yet. Begrudgingly, I shower, shave, and find my clothing for the day. I’m ready to embrace the day in all its abysmal glory. A haphazard journey embracing the unknown; I shake my head at the thought of today. I gaze to the heavens for guidance then I laugh at my own wretched predicament. This small ritual happens when I’m on the daily grind. We all know this cycle extremely well. Tunnel vision becomes the norm as we sink into the grime of a routine. Dead-end jobs to whatever soul sucking monotony invades our lives, the frustration is beyond proportions. We’re easily addicted to our drug; we fill endless crack houses without any ounces of self-respect. Willingly, we free-fall into the abyss not giving a damn about an outcome. Somehow, light is at the end of the tunnel. Rejuvenation lies deep within our goals and aspirations to drives us through into a brighter future. Brighter future?!? Perspective is key for that belief. The pitfall of my daily grind lies within my writing and sketching. Endless nagging eats away my insides causing an up rise in my intestines. The feeling you get when you have to accomplish this task for some internal reasoning, but you don’t know why. It’s like God has one mission for you to complete, so your mission wakes you up in the morning. Even the world knows of your duty causing awkward occurrences to happen during your day. Rain, sleet, snow, or the apocalypse can happen, yet you awaken to create your own luck in this crapsack world. Entrepreneurs into the unknown for our own better tomorrow to change our fate. That’s why we try so hard on the daily grind because we want to achieve some way out of the abyss. Obstacles can’t be that bad? Most folks feel life is a joke, although I believe you and I been through that. Shamelessly, we push forward in a barbaric generation! Fight the good fight, brethren! We’ll shoot for the moon and if we miss we’ll be amongst the stars! Whatever happens, happens! If you ask me, blood, sweat, and tearsthat’s the daily grind!  


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