Gods and Devils

To err is human, but to

a human is the realm of gods and devils.

From a look of both sides, these entities

are the personification of good and evil.

For a god is righteous, just, and encompasses

all things of omnipotence.

A devil is wicked, malevolent, and nefarious:

a fiendish sadist of damnation.

These beings are given power through

culture, beliefs or implications.

Yesterday’s god is today’s devil.

All convoluted in perverse scriptures

preached by insidious individuals.

Neither entity directly intervenes in the ways

of man.

It’s an indirect nudge toward saint

or sinner.

There are some that masquerade

as humans.

Only mere ambiguous versions

of what they use to be.

Always the endless wager for souls;

an unseen conflict on our plane of existence.



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