Good Cause for a Good Dog


Take a look at this Great Dane. Her name is Fremen. She belongs to my dearest friends Matt and Erika. During our military tour in England, Matt and Erika have endured my insufferable antics, partying habits, and eccentric personality. Recently, Erika found out she’s returning back to states sooner than expected. Due to the fact of expenses, they might have to part with her. Before Matt and Erika, Fremen resided with multiple owners. Now, she has a decent home but may lose it too. Fremen is a sweet old lady with a personality larger than herself.  She’s been my pillow after a drunk night, my lanky stalker, and my silent comrade. It’ll be a damn shame for a family to part, so I ask for yall to donate. Any amount counts. It’ll be much appreciated.


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