Knowledge is a Delicacy

Gator nuggets are delicious! Seriously, it’s like a cross between chicken and fish with a mild flavor. Two unlikely species put together for the meat of a delicious aquatic reptile. Squid has a sweet almost almond flavor. In my opinion, adding a bit of hot sauce complements the flavor. I’ve even wondered about other delicacies. Ostrich, bear, moose, and lion are just a few I contemplated about. You are what you eat. If that is true, majority of us would be monstrosities of filth. Others maybe rotten vegetation or some could be protein sludge. Imagine the horrors of that sight. If you are what you eat then what about mentally? Our brains reflect the food fed to our grey matter. I wouldn’t be surprised most of our brains would be malnourished. Sick, dehydrated grey matters craving for hydration of knowledge. As a child, I would often ask my mom what certain words meant. She would in turn give me a Webster’s dictionary to look them up. I would ask for help instead she told me to check my spelling. Most of the time, my mom was right. Dejectedly, I’ll search for the word then give my mom the complete definition. After a while, I began to enjoy the tedious amounts of research. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the example of investigation. It feels good taking time to actually make your brain work. Our bodies need their own personal workout. We’ll make a gym schedule for those sexy, sculpted physiques. Nothing is wrong with that but don’t be a dumbass. Dumbasses and jackasses seem to reproduce like jackrabbits. These mentally challenged critters lack the open-mindedness to expand their close circuit world; they become roadkill within their later years of life. Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat had the balls to explore and investigate its environment. Occasionally, risks have to be taken to acquire knowledge even if it might harm you. There’s always risk involved, but you got to take precautions. What happens when you cross the street? You look both ways before crossing then you proceed across the street. The same idea can be applied to fulfilling your brain with the appropriate nutrients. Submerge yourself into the subject then investigate it to the fullest extent. Ignorance is bliss because the fear of knowing leads down a worse path. We fear that by knowing there’s the possibility of losing something. Not knowing leaves us struggling helplessly or shit out of luck. Is it possible to remain in the realm of rainbows out of fear? Yes, keep on your rose colored glasses. However, I will gladly yank them off then proceed to stomp on them. By remaining ignorant, you’re not experiencing all there is to offer. It’s not a beautiful sight the unknown. A quick glimpse at the devastation of reality makes anyone want to stay in the rainbow realm. This is the world we live in, the place we’re a part of, unfortunately. Knowledge can be manipulated to your benefit; it can be used for whatever you believe is necessary. There’s experiences we can’t control except we can decipher the paths we travel. That knowledge is a game changer. With that in mind, I’ll exploit my knowledge to get where I desire to be.


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