Church of Society: A False Concept

Our lungs will soon collapse from the constant pollution of society. We’re born from the womb with a sickness: a deviant monkey on our back mauling us until the grave claims us. Frighten by our imperfections, we seek absolution to become clean. False prophets of society “understand” our internal turmoil and latch onto our weaknesses.

These skulduggerous vampires suck the will from our bodies through psychological manipulation disguised as holy sermons. We offer up our confessions to a counterfeit God, and they offer salvation from our foul existence. They preach against imperfections that counter “righteousness”. Words are coated with the sweetest honey to entice us towards their malicious agenda.

We must fit in with society or be cast out as heretics. For it is written in the perverse scriptures, our way of life is set from the beginning. The gender specific personalities are designated, certain appearances must be kept to be attractive, and stereotypes are permanent–this is gospel for every insufferable soul among society. You don’t want to die without salvation from your wickedness, do you?

It’s a gift the eternal longevity they offer. To receive this blessing, we must partake of fresh poison! Chug the Holy Grail! Who doesn’t want to be accepted by their peers and society? That’s the road to salvation in our society! Cast away all your choices, thoughts, and ideas. Give your life to the church of society! There’s rest for the “wicked” behind their doors! This is the way of our society; we’re force fed debauched gospel then vomit it up just to eat it. Society frightens us with detrimental alternatives of being an outcast when you go against the church. Mere vain concepts of “faith” invented to keep our minds captivated by deceitful hallucinations; we’re wayward sheep directed to the slaughterhouse. In reality, there’s no escaping your flaws.

Our skeletons in the closet occasionally take a walk outside; the dirty laundry begins to smell causing a vile odor to filter in nostrils. Every mother’s child in this world has a story. Thoughts, ideas, and choices are truths chosen by us–we’re unhinged works in progress thriving in a cesspool called society.


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