Month: May 2015

My Irate Letter to Karma

Dear Karma,

“What goes around comes around” is basic comprehension of your rules when it comes to situations of life. If people do good things for others, chances are good things will come in return; if people do bad things to others, chances are bad things will come in return. In spite of the rules, you’re a ruthless, vindictive dick: a temperamental beast wrecking unholy havoc on selective victims. I’ve witnessed you being a lazy ass: gracious to the dishonest and shitting on the honest. Somehow, our brains become discombobulated with “your truth.” Since our actions didn’t produce the outcome we desire, we deduce our “good fortune” will happen down the road. This isn’t always true and the end result is final.

For example, my dear Karma, John is a diligent worker. He hasn’t missed a day of work, and he’s always on time. He volunteers, donates to charities, and takes the moral high ground. John is an all-around nice guy. John has a job promotion interview coming up next week. He’s been preparing for this interview, so he’s believes he’s ready. On the night before the interview, an overly anxious John fails to set his alarm. This made poor John late then he gets stuck in traffic. Thanks to these factors, John missed his opportunity for his promotion. Angry and depressed, John begins to consume his sorrows through substantial amounts of alcohol. He knows he’s a good person, yet why did this happen? Did you catch up to John for past sins? Did you conjure up a psycho ex-girlfriend put a hex on him? No, chalk this one up to human error. If this happened to John on another day, you wouldn’t be a thought. Sorry, John. Sometimes, it sucks to suck.

Although some outcomes are a matter of case and effect, people don’t always have control over the outcome. For those incidents, we created you. You’re a mere brainchild from man!  We made you even more convoluted when the concept of reincarnation —a bit of mysticism courtesy of Hinduism and Buddhism— is added as a “spiritual equalizer” of judgement. The hard truth: people get what they deserve or they don’t. Once again, matters of perspective forever holds the skeleton key to unlock many doors. Regardless, we’ll hold on to whatever truth to help us sleep at night, because we all do. The fact remains that you’re a cold, vile bitch.  

Sincerely yours,  

A Disgruntled Skeptic    



Brain Damaged By Enlightenment…Time and Reality Will Send You to An Asylum

Time is a rabid mongrel biting at my ankles; I’m screaming in pain as its fangs pierces my flesh. As the length of time starts to increase, age becomes a harbinger to hazardous situations of epic proportions then gradually torments the mind. Past, present, and future swirl together in a primordial soup fed to the masses since leaving the womb; nonetheless, the trio of labels are used to identify an indefinite flow of relative events. The f4a93073_scaredbrain is organized to perceive dates and places to define an intimate experience: the external factors bounding all experiences together. Perception warps reality with distributing results–frightening consequences immerses the mind in insanity. Biocentrism, a concept developed by Robert Lanza, questions the greater truths surrounding existence. For instance, the external world is believed to exist on its own or something that bears resemblance. According to their view, the eyes provide a window to see the world. If the window is shattered, thanks to death or blindness, reality continues to thrive as it has before. It’s an organic mechanism built within the threads of reality. Reality is considered the here and now, so if there’s a quick change then it’s different. To keep track of the difference, “time” is used as a tool of understanding. When the aging process creeps in, death of a loved one, and babies mature into adults, it equalizes to the human perception of time. This is time that belongs to humanity. Damn! Another idea to shape the world. Some other “genius” will come along with a theory to trump this one…vague concepts…illusions…what the hell? Freaks of consciousness finding their reason for existence. In all our arrogance, we’ll drown in the sea of madness for the sake of enlightenment and die trying.

Lost, Naked, and Afraid…Gentle Souls Provide Warmth


Treat others how you want to be treated. The age old golden rule taught to us in kindergarten and the basic foundation of human etiquette (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Okay, reader. You’re telling me the rule is bullshit. You’ve followed this rule, but folks are assholes. My advice: continue to treat others with respect. Do you prefer when someone handles your property with care or has no regard for and slams it into things? People prefer other to treat their property with care. Nevertheless, people are willingly to be ruthless in the everyday dealings of their fellow man. The world has an abundant supply of selfish assholes, hipster cynics, and pseudo know-it-alls. Somewhere within this gallery of jackasses, I wouldn’t mind seeing a gentle soul to buffer them out. Gentleness isn’t about being an indecisive coward. Instead, it’s a refusal of malice, an unwillingness to cut down others, manipulating them for vengeance or control. There are alternatives to be bold, stand up for what’s right, and non-manipulative ways to lead others. Gentleness is easily mistaken for weakness. The thought of the word conveys the gentle nature of a deer grazing in the forest; however, deer kill 130 people annually. A gentle yet dangerous critter and the same can be said for gentle people. These individuals understand having the inner strength to control their actions when surrounded by an intense atmosphere. They emit a soothing effect on those who possess angry or besides themselves. Gentleness is empathic knowledge understanding the world around is fragile, especially other people. It’s recognizing that we are active rather than reactive. Once again, people will be assholes. Even though this place ain’t for true heroes, I believe gentleness can save the world so that a miscreant like me can remind them their efforts do make a difference.

Flaws and Scars of an Aimless Woman

Opportunity knocks at my front door; I don’t feel like answering. Another moment is gone and fades away becoming a distant memory. Silent nights conjure up the spirits of old memories for another haunting experience. They usually embody the form of a woman: a most intriguing creature still unknown to the mind of mortal men. I’ve had timeless encounters with different women during my overseas travels. Women of different ethnicities, personalities, and curves hypnotized me under their influence: it’s an intoxicating experience numbing all my senses. Majority of these women are products of the night that remain hidden from the rest of society. The reason is society would mark them sluts, harlots, or whores. Truth is you can’t judge a book by its cover. In the grimy and gritty gutters, I’ve met intriguing women whose souls burn with an intense flame. They don’t suffer from the put-ons and false faces shown in high society. No obscure poses. No deceitful tongues. It’s the night that brings out these type of women. Usually, the muck of the nightlife brings out false identities but beyond the muck lies diamonds in the rough. It’s the flaws of a woman that make them who they are. Women who let their loose inhibitions flow out them symbolize raw passion. Our culture tends to demand the perfect human: a test tube specimen conditioned for faultless existence. Everyone drags along baggage because we were born sick out our mother’s womb. So, here’s to the imperfect woman with scars and all. Here’s to her flaws, issues, and emotions. I’m forced to suffer with the dilemma of falling in love with these bewitching ladies just by opening my eyes. I hate having these feelings, yet I can’t let it go. You can quote me on it, and I’ll call you a liar. 


Internal Sunshine of a Conscious Mind

Isn’t it amazing to have consciousness? No other living thing identifies or ponders their existence. We’re convinced by cognitive agitation there’s more to life than food, fighting, and reproduction. Those simplistic ideologies pertain to filthy beasts; we’re not like those vile creatures. Taking this into account, we relish being intelligent individuals not insignificant freaks of nature. Consciousness is the basic foundation of our identity: a personality utilized to face a bastardized world that we created. It’s a basic self-defense mechanism to preserve ourselves. If you venture further down the rabbit hole of consciousness, there’s a chance you’ll lose yourself until you deceive yourself back into the realm of “reality.” Although we consider ourselves significant, we’re human puppets yanked by the strings of consciousness. These strings suffocate us and compress against our windpipes—we’re gasping for our last breath. Hold on…we’re not puppets. We’re human beings with emotions, sensations, and memories. We are somebody or we think we are. We believe our lives have meaning, but if you can’t feel it then there’s no belief. We’ll change our minds about anything given the appropriate logic to appeal to our slanted reasons. But the mind doesn’t change when it comes to our existence, we’re damn human beings! Static belief is kept intact by self-righteous opinions. We’re confident about our place in the world even if it’s based on an identity crafted by a vain, fragile self-consciousness. While everyone is living in a world based on their assumptions and shaped by their beliefs, I’m posting blogs of my endless ranting. 


The Deep Jungle of the Monoculture

The societies of this world are plagued by the shadows of a monoculture. The idea of this term relates to agricultural instances but also sociology. Except my wandering eyes scanned across this term from the brilliant mind of a gonzo journalist by the name of Spider Jerusalem. Countries across the world are synchronized upon the same crooked clockwork. A quick observation enlightens the mind to the subtle instances of common occurrences; the devil is concealed in the details. For example, no matter where you go the poor show their faces to remind us of the dark crevices we always seem to forget. Those places we remember during an honorable mention on a special news report or a feed the children advertisement. Sometimes that’s the proverbial coin toss of life. Let’s not forget about the shady politics and corrupt governments! These malignantly useless inconveniences only serve as diarrhea clogging the universal toilet. The media of other countries reflect the waywardness of ours as well. Different languages set up a barrier, although the underlying meaning remains the same. We’re all devouring the same pile of shit and asking society for a second helping. It’s everywhere and all the same. The foundation has been set by our hands; we built it with homogeneous bricks to acquire a sense of stability. All for the sake of a balance, nonetheless we wanted it. Almost every country has a “form” of education, diminishing or stable resources, and even fast-food restaurants. Different countries enduring desperate struggles under the same sky. A mental, emotional, and physical survival of the fittest. Welcome to the monoculture: enjoy your stay!