The Deep Jungle of the Monoculture

The societies of this world are plagued by the shadows of a monoculture. The idea of this term relates to agricultural instances but also sociology. Except my wandering eyes scanned across this term from the brilliant mind of a gonzo journalist by the name of Spider Jerusalem. Countries across the world are synchronized upon the same crooked clockwork. A quick observation enlightens the mind to the subtle instances of common occurrences; the devil is concealed in the details. For example, no matter where you go the poor show their faces to remind us of the dark crevices we always seem to forget. Those places we remember during an honorable mention on a special news report or a feed the children advertisement. Sometimes that’s the proverbial coin toss of life. Let’s not forget about the shady politics and corrupt governments! These malignantly useless inconveniences only serve as diarrhea clogging the universal toilet. The media of other countries reflect the waywardness of ours as well. Different languages set up a barrier, although the underlying meaning remains the same. We’re all devouring the same pile of shit and asking society for a second helping. It’s everywhere and all the same. The foundation has been set by our hands; we built it with homogeneous bricks to acquire a sense of stability. All for the sake of a balance, nonetheless we wanted it. Almost every country has a “form” of education, diminishing or stable resources, and even fast-food restaurants. Different countries enduring desperate struggles under the same sky. A mental, emotional, and physical survival of the fittest. Welcome to the monoculture: enjoy your stay!


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