Internal Sunshine of a Conscious Mind

Isn’t it amazing to have consciousness? No other living thing identifies or ponders their existence. We’re convinced by cognitive agitation there’s more to life than food, fighting, and reproduction. Those simplistic ideologies pertain to filthy beasts; we’re not like those vile creatures. Taking this into account, we relish being intelligent individuals not insignificant freaks of nature. Consciousness is the basic foundation of our identity: a personality utilized to face a bastardized world that we created. It’s a basic self-defense mechanism to preserve ourselves. If you venture further down the rabbit hole of consciousness, there’s a chance you’ll lose yourself until you deceive yourself back into the realm of “reality.” Although we consider ourselves significant, we’re human puppets yanked by the strings of consciousness. These strings suffocate us and compress against our windpipes—we’re gasping for our last breath. Hold on…we’re not puppets. We’re human beings with emotions, sensations, and memories. We are somebody or we think we are. We believe our lives have meaning, but if you can’t feel it then there’s no belief. We’ll change our minds about anything given the appropriate logic to appeal to our slanted reasons. But the mind doesn’t change when it comes to our existence, we’re damn human beings! Static belief is kept intact by self-righteous opinions. We’re confident about our place in the world even if it’s based on an identity crafted by a vain, fragile self-consciousness. While everyone is living in a world based on their assumptions and shaped by their beliefs, I’m posting blogs of my endless ranting. 



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