Lost, Naked, and Afraid…Gentle Souls Provide Warmth


Treat others how you want to be treated. The age old golden rule taught to us in kindergarten and the basic foundation of human etiquette (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Okay, reader. You’re telling me the rule is bullshit. You’ve followed this rule, but folks are assholes. My advice: continue to treat others with respect. Do you prefer when someone handles your property with care or has no regard for and slams it into things? People prefer other to treat their property with care. Nevertheless, people are willingly to be ruthless in the everyday dealings of their fellow man. The world has an abundant supply of selfish assholes, hipster cynics, and pseudo know-it-alls. Somewhere within this gallery of jackasses, I wouldn’t mind seeing a gentle soul to buffer them out. Gentleness isn’t about being an indecisive coward. Instead, it’s a refusal of malice, an unwillingness to cut down others, manipulating them for vengeance or control. There are alternatives to be bold, stand up for what’s right, and non-manipulative ways to lead others. Gentleness is easily mistaken for weakness. The thought of the word conveys the gentle nature of a deer grazing in the forest; however, deer kill 130 people annually. A gentle yet dangerous critter and the same can be said for gentle people. These individuals understand having the inner strength to control their actions when surrounded by an intense atmosphere. They emit a soothing effect on those who possess angry or besides themselves. Gentleness is empathic knowledge understanding the world around is fragile, especially other people. It’s recognizing that we are active rather than reactive. Once again, people will be assholes. Even though this place ain’t for true heroes, I believe gentleness can save the world so that a miscreant like me can remind them their efforts do make a difference.


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