Brain Damaged By Enlightenment…Time and Reality Will Send You to An Asylum

Time is a rabid mongrel biting at my ankles; I’m screaming in pain as its fangs pierces my flesh. As the length of time starts to increase, age becomes a harbinger to hazardous situations of epic proportions then gradually torments the mind. Past, present, and future swirl together in a primordial soup fed to the masses since leaving the womb; nonetheless, the trio of labels are used to identify an indefinite flow of relative events. The f4a93073_scaredbrain is organized to perceive dates and places to define an intimate experience: the external factors bounding all experiences together. Perception warps reality with distributing results–frightening consequences immerses the mind in insanity. Biocentrism, a concept developed by Robert Lanza, questions the greater truths surrounding existence. For instance, the external world is believed to exist on its own or something that bears resemblance. According to their view, the eyes provide a window to see the world. If the window is shattered, thanks to death or blindness, reality continues to thrive as it has before. It’s an organic mechanism built within the threads of reality. Reality is considered the here and now, so if there’s a quick change then it’s different. To keep track of the difference, “time” is used as a tool of understanding. When the aging process creeps in, death of a loved one, and babies mature into adults, it equalizes to the human perception of time. This is time that belongs to humanity. Damn! Another idea to shape the world. Some other “genius” will come along with a theory to trump this one…vague concepts…illusions…what the hell? Freaks of consciousness finding their reason for existence. In all our arrogance, we’ll drown in the sea of madness for the sake of enlightenment and die trying.


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