My Irate Letter to Karma

Dear Karma,

“What goes around comes around” is basic comprehension of your rules when it comes to situations of life. If people do good things for others, chances are good things will come in return; if people do bad things to others, chances are bad things will come in return. In spite of the rules, you’re a ruthless, vindictive dick: a temperamental beast wrecking unholy havoc on selective victims. I’ve witnessed you being a lazy ass: gracious to the dishonest and shitting on the honest. Somehow, our brains become discombobulated with “your truth.” Since our actions didn’t produce the outcome we desire, we deduce our “good fortune” will happen down the road. This isn’t always true and the end result is final.

For example, my dear Karma, John is a diligent worker. He hasn’t missed a day of work, and he’s always on time. He volunteers, donates to charities, and takes the moral high ground. John is an all-around nice guy. John has a job promotion interview coming up next week. He’s been preparing for this interview, so he’s believes he’s ready. On the night before the interview, an overly anxious John fails to set his alarm. This made poor John late then he gets stuck in traffic. Thanks to these factors, John missed his opportunity for his promotion. Angry and depressed, John begins to consume his sorrows through substantial amounts of alcohol. He knows he’s a good person, yet why did this happen? Did you catch up to John for past sins? Did you conjure up a psycho ex-girlfriend put a hex on him? No, chalk this one up to human error. If this happened to John on another day, you wouldn’t be a thought. Sorry, John. Sometimes, it sucks to suck.

Although some outcomes are a matter of case and effect, people don’t always have control over the outcome. For those incidents, we created you. You’re a mere brainchild from man!  We made you even more convoluted when the concept of reincarnation —a bit of mysticism courtesy of Hinduism and Buddhism— is added as a “spiritual equalizer” of judgement. The hard truth: people get what they deserve or they don’t. Once again, matters of perspective forever holds the skeleton key to unlock many doors. Regardless, we’ll hold on to whatever truth to help us sleep at night, because we all do. The fact remains that you’re a cold, vile bitch.  

Sincerely yours,  

A Disgruntled Skeptic    



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