Children Are The Future Or Something Like That….

It takes approximately nine months for a spawn to reach its full development. During this period of time, these freeloading creatures feed off their host’s nutrients then devour the host from the inside. In a weird turn of events, the host and the co-creator are compelled to raise these little beings in this unwelcoming reality.

Once they invade your lives, they completely dominate every aspect without any regard. They poop, they piss, they whine, they’re disobedient, and they drain all your money on food. Eventually, these scoundrels grow up to become more annoying than they were when they couldn’t walk or vomit on your shirt from an upset stomach.

Times have long gone of comparing kids to one another. You can’t say, “Our kids aren’t as dumb as theirs”. Those kids aren’t dumb. They’re poorly educated. Children will be corrupted thanks to nature and nurture. Even if the children are taught right from wrong, they will make choices of their own. As the world continues to spiral downward, children are our future. Let’s hope we’ve done right by these rugrats.   


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