Short, Sweet Intentions at the Bar of Loose Inhibitions

There’s something about the atmosphere of bars. The music plays smoothly into your ears and you absorb the environment around you. It hits so quickly knocking you on your ass then helps you up to your feet. I order up from the bartender my usual whiskey; it slithers down my throat causing a slight burn like a toxic elixer. I feel all the hedonism in my bones. All sorts of freaks, geeks, lowlifes and  even dogs migrate here. Busy as bees, every bartender accommodates to each individual’s darkest lust. The alcohol serves as a truth serum opening up locked treasure chest full of forbidden gold. A man in a yellow hat flirts with an Asian women. I hope he succeeds in his quest because failure will only lead to my laughter. Nevertheless, the enjoyment of our fellow man is embraced here. We’re all seeking communication maybe a sense of absoultion for secret sins. Damn…it feels like church here. Somehow, I feel at home with all of them. As I puff on my vape, I feel at one with this environment. I still believe this is the good life for me or maybe I’m caught in my delusions. Whatever the case is, I really hope this old guy talking to me shuts the hell up, but I enjoy the company for tonight. I’ll close this short experience on this note: Have a drink, toast to all the belligerent idiots you call friends,  laugh a bit, dance your ass off, and enjoy whatever routine you call life.


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