The Detrimental Disaster of Others…Hell is Other People

The thing about this world is you can’t choose who lives in it with you. Our concrete jungle is inhabited by demons and monsters under the guise of human flesh; it’s a fact that leads many to believe there’s no God on these streets. Jean-Paul Sartre described it best: “Hell is other people.”

No matter what reason, others seek out to terrorize us or sling shit on our parade; their misery deserves company because no one wants to be lonely. Unlike inanimate objects, which can be moved, people challenge the individual by denying resources, inhibiting activities, or attacking the individual. It’s an abundant amount of suffering deal from the hands of our fellow man. Except the torture doesn’t end there! People possess the deviant skill to objectify us. Every individual is made up of two central elements: mind and body. These two central elements make up any unique being. However, people remind you that you are not unique or special. They inform you that you’re a physical being with grotesque characteristics. From their observations and verbal assessments, people comment on our weight, height, and even clothes.

This love and hate relationship has no set boundaries. If boundaries were established, people wouldn’t respect them. People have their own agendas to follow. The clash between beliefs, world views, and values cause a volcano to erupt. When this happens, a sense of security is violated and vulnerability dominates all thoughts. I don’t want to tear into a fellow human being, I really don’t. But some folks are pushing it. I mean, come on. What’s their purpose besides causing pain? I’m talking about those rotten, foul, repulsive wastes of space. I want to smack them, their parents, and the obstetrician.

Unfortunately, we need other people. As long as we live, we’ll be surrounded by people. Relationships with others shape our personalities and help determine our potential. No matter how excruciating the relationship, we’re reflections of each other even down to our deviant sins. The world is infected with others, yet it’s a necessary disease–an illness that’ll be the death of me.



7 thoughts on “The Detrimental Disaster of Others…Hell is Other People

  1. I agree with you whole heartily with relation to “The world out there” It’s sick to say the least at times. “The men in power” The advertisements everywhere selling our souls to be something we don’t need to be. Be who you are. Love the individuality in each one of us. Make love not war… live in freedom and peace. I also do think though that parents who don’t keep a handle on their children will feel the pain down the line as they run amok thinking it’s absolutely fine.


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