Filth That Occured on the Streets


A riot broke out today

Spontaneous violence;

Bloodied faces





I witness a man get his face stomped in

He’s beaten into submission

One of the offenders gropes

his erection out of excitement

A woman is stabbed

She curls up on the concrete

Her intestines stick

out from her wound

Does this unsettle you

Too bad

The truth is harsh

I see a child lie limp

on the sidewalk

Police arrive on scene:

righteous berserkers decorated in riot gear

Tear gas filters into the crowd

Bloodcurdling screams echo

from every direction

Reporters try to flee,

but they’re caught in the onslaught

Innocent bodies pile on the pavement

while deranged sociopaths and police

battle for supremacy

My heart thrashes against my chest…

This riot,

this shit-storm of

brutal sadism upon one another,

Admit it,

you enjoy it

Taking down a Confederate Flag

will prove we’re “progressive”

Legalizing gay marriage

will prove we’re “united”

Toss in a couple of transgenders

Throw in a few religious beliefs

Voice opinions

Vote for political swine

Feed the poor

We’ll trust anything

that justifies our worth

We’ll claim we’re better than animals;

we’re too “intelligent” to act primitive

We don’t mind differences

under “certain circumstances”

We slightly tolerate each other

No matter the pain things will get better

Press forward in life

If you acknowledge suffering,

you’ll get left behind

Blind steadfast confidence

in our consciousness;

erratic puppets 

yanked by strings  

Sheep led to the slaughter

I ease on my cigarette

I continue to observe

from my apartment balcony

Nihilistic thoughts of

a godforsaken predicament—

a can of worms that we opened


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