Boils Down in the Burnt Pot: A Quick Depiction of Perspective


Regardless of any year, there will always be a boner for the next President. The strange, blind belief that the next four years have any difference. If you let your grey matter meditate on it, there’s truth in the muck of cynicism. We all know deals will be made, strategical moves will be made, and the love or loathe of the new President will remain; progress will launch us forward for better or worse. Somehow, belief lies in a difference of the next four years from the previous years and the past decades will be corrected. A fact I learned from an old supervisor of mine—you have to keep your ears to the streets. If you listen closely, you’ll hear some of the best stories. Societies became nations thanks to the sweat and blood provided by those that sacrificed too much and received too little. How do I know this? I’ve heard it from the stories, obviously. I have family that work their fingers to the bone; they reside in the belly of Georgia. My folks have old houses with amenities built by their hands, both of my grandmas have embraced the forces of time for many ages, and my cousins ponder about life outside the country box. My folks and many others like them only know the hustle of the daily grind: thriving and surviving life until the Reaper comes to collect. We all live in a reality shaped by our own beliefs based on what’s thought to be true. So, whatever world is going to evolve from this unfortunate dance of politics, it’s either your heaven or hell.


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