Day: September 7, 2015

Reasons Why I Write: A Poem of the Flame that Ruptures My Insides


It’s another night when it all bombards down on me;

I realize the good humans out there keep the world spinning.

They don’t ask for much, but they get screwed over

by a barbaric fistful without any lube.

Where does that leave me?

My cynical, jaded ass continues to write,

my hope is that someone will understand the truth;

it’s my own personal burden that God gave to me to continue

until I slip six feet under.

I know deep within my mushy guts

lies something to shock the world.

It’s my fuel to type these words.

Hell, my fingers bleed on this damn keyboard!

These keys are pushed in and mangled,

documents filled with offbeat ramblings,

yet I still soldier on.

I post my “knowledge” on my blog;

the folks take a gander, like, and comment.

They say:

“You got potential!”

“Your writing is insightful!”

or “Your style is so free!”

It’s whatever to me,

I’m just fueled by the flames burning my intestines.

Sooner or later, it will burn out—

I will rise from my burnt ashes

like a Phoenix!