Month: October 2015

Democratic Debauchery Stewing in Las Vegas


Forgive me for my previous transgressions. I had the opportunity to cover the second half of the debauchery guised as the Republican Debate, but I was too busy under the influence in the godforsaken, sinful city of Las Vegas. If a piece of my memory serves me right, I won money, spent it on more rounds of Wild Turkey, taxis, and more copious amounts of Wild Turkey. I digress. The story of my degenerative, impulsive behavior will be another time.

The Democratic Debate was upon not too long ago. Where was it held? In the same city that tortured my cynical grey matter—Las Vegas. Previously, I had an article prepared with the gaffes of all five of those political swine. What happened to my precious document? The damned electricity died just before I saved it! It was like they knew I was going to annihilate their reputations! Majority of the debate was massacred by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Somehow, she had bigger balls than the men on stage. The opportune moment appear when Hillary’s credibility came under the microscope by Anderson Cooper. Hillary is most vulnerable when her character comes into question. The email issue is the monstrosity hunkering over Clinton’s shoulders. Clinton responded to Cooper with a pocketed ace response—the email server was a mistake, yet it was allowed, but not the best choice. She has turned over 55,000 pages of emails and answered every question. Cooper continued his frontal assault stating that the FBI investigation was nonpartisan and even President Obama said it was a legitimate issue. “I never said it wasn’t legitimate,” she countered, after trashing the issue’s legitimacy, “I’m saying I have answered all the questions and will certainly be doing so again before this committee.”

Our “heroes”—Sanders, Chaffee, O’Malley, and Chafee—had the opportunity to strike and possibly defeat the oppressive overlord. Bernie managed to draw his sword from his sheath. Bernie led the charge with his comment: “May not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right. The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” The two shook hands then Hillary cackled with glee. What the hell, “hero!” The prime opportunity to strike her down turned into a peace treaty. However, another “hero” decided to rise in the form of Chaffee. He fired his arrows straight to Hillary’s chest.

Chaffee said that the matter of presidential credibility was important, especially, in his opinion, since George W. Bush lied about the WMD’s in Iraq. Cooper gave Clinton an opportunity to respond, she said one word: no. The crowd went into a murderous frenzy of obnoxious applause and shouts. The battle was over. I couldn’t believe what I just seen. My mouth was left in shellshock. In one gambit, Clinton slaughtered them with no remorse. How could they miss it? What happened to the battle plan? Clinton—along with the rest of the political vultures—is not driven by conviction but political calculation. She has consistently switched positions of countless issues ranging from war, trade, and social reform. The only opponent to step up was the mild mannered, friendly neighborhood Chaffee.

Nevertheless, they all managed to rack up points on bearing false witness. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revised her statement on the Trans Pacific Partnership proclaiming she said she “hoped” it would be a “gold standard.” On Nov. 15, 2012, she said it was a gold standard. Switching back to the email scandal, Clinton said that using a personal email account “was allowed by the State Department.” The department also requires her to turn over her emails before she departed office. She turned in her emails on Dec. 5, 2014; she left office on Feb. 1, 2013. Sanders wrongly said that the U.S. had “more wealth and income inequality than any other country.” According to the Global Wealth Databook, the share of wealth amongst the 1% has declined to an estimated 37.3% this year. The United States is also ranked 11th for income inequality among the 37 counties listed. Sanders has also botched the numbers concerning unemployment. “African American youth unemployment is 51%. Hispanic youth unemployment is 36%,” Sanders said. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in September, the unemployment rate for this age group was 24% for African Americans, 11.6% for Hispanics and 10.7% for whites. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. These facts are probably minor in the clogged toilet of politics. I almost forgot about the other three candidates. The reason is they’re easily forgettable: candidate cannon fodder.

It’s a shame we’re sold the same con by every politician who steps up. Tragedy molests us then politicians help us to our feet with words of “wisdom and compassion.” In the eyes of these vultures, we’re considered a bunch of lowlife sheep scum seeking for a shepherd. The millions described as disenfranchised cynics are considered pseudo-intellectual scum. The parties are sneaky chameleons camouflaging in whatever crowd fits them at the time. It’s like every election year is going to decide the face of guy who’ll be screwing us next.

Fight the power, Scum!


Social Media…A Beast Devouring Countless Souls


When it comes to the realm of social media, I’m repulsed by it. I gather no inspiration from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other string of debauchery we’ve created. It pains every nerve in my body to sell my soul to a beast that will devour society. It’s like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun with your finger on the trigger: a quick, brutal suicide. Scary, isn’t it? Too many attention whores invade the waves of social media. They’re ready to sell their assets on the corner for a few followers.

Cheap makeup makes these floozies desirable, so idiots fall for the clickbait. I reckon there is something about the joys of social media human trafficking. Honestly, I find it rather disgusting. I want to wash my hands of this weirdness; my hands are too filthy to become clean. I’ve become an attention whore myself. I try to promote my blog through the grimy streets of the internet. Once in a while, I’ll get a customer then the action begins. The hustle becomes repetitive, my eyes are bloodshot from staring at the computer, and my fingers might have carpal tunnel.

Somehow, I continue to press on to deliver the message of truth without drowning amongst the rest. This upcoming generation has a one track mind—establish yourself with selfies! Damn, how did we get here? We have to blame ourselves. Our massive egos to improve our lives caused this fiasco. I doubt nothing can change it. I feel we’re detached from using the tool between our shoulders. I’m afraid books will become ancient relics of the past, our vocabulary will be strictly internet speak, and we’ll just go with flow. Yep, I believe we’re screwed with the next generation coming up.

A Quick Poem for the Nightlife: No Rest for the Wicked


The sun goes down, and the moon conquers the clouds. The night sky blankets over the environment. At that moment, the floodgates of old memories are open and I find myself drowning in thought.

There were nights of old when we bombarded the streets in search of misadventures. We mingled among the general populous of lunatics. We were obnoxious brutes with alcohol pumping through our veins as we darted through the darkness.

Small embers from our lighters lit our path to next misadventure, the trails of smoke lingered behind us, and we realize on thing: we were born for this!

I have indulged in many fantasies under the dim streetlights, but things have changed. The nightlife is a different universe; it brings out the hedonism in people.