The Problem of the System…Fall in Line or Fall Short

Aviary Photo_130985206774090923The news last week was cruel just as the news this week. The weather is foul all across the North. Most of the states were trampled by snow; the inhabitants are still struggling with trekking across the vast, dangerous white wasteland. It sucks to suck for all those poor individuals. Meanwhile, in the South, the weather is sunny with a chance of more sun. The battle between frontrunners Cruz and Trump has the Republican house divided into two camps: conservatives that values stay true above all else and right-wings that enjoy ravaging the establishment. The smart people of America know this fact–“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Cruz shines as the poster child of the Constitutional conservative, a man of unwavering principles who will not be silenced by the establishment. On the other side of the coin, Trump is a wrecking ball ready to cause havoc on all levels of power. Truth be told, both candidates wave the flag of anti-establishment. The two dueling warriors trade devastating punches until the other is bloody. Trump mocks Cruz as an insider of the establishment while Cruz mocks Trump as a non-conservative. The members of the Republican establishment are growing furious with the current outcome of as Trump and Cruz dominate, and they fear no other credible candidates will emerge any time soon. The leaders of the Republican establishment, made up of elected officials, lobbyists and donors, are sending a message to the mainstream candidates, such as former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, that they should withdraw from the race if they do not show any clout. The old ones have spent millions of dollars supporting their prized mainstream candidates. For example, Bush still has the endorsement of a super PAC. Even if he were to trail Mr. Rubio after the first contests, Mr. Bush might still fight on to South Carolina. Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) put out an honest observation. “Why is Right to Rise spending all this money on somebody who can beat Hillary?” he asked. “Meanwhile, Trump and Cruz go mostly unscathed.”  It’s funny to see the major contributors and voices of the old ones vocal about their impatience. The electoral college will figure it out sooner or later. Well, who else is wondering about the real issue at hand: Captain America vs. Iron Man!


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