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The Detrimental Disaster of Others…Hell is Other People

The thing about this world is you can’t choose who lives in it with you. Our concrete jungle is inhabited by demons and monsters under the guise of human flesh; it’s a fact that leads many to believe there’s no God on these streets. Jean-Paul Sartre described it best: “Hell is other people.”

No matter what reason, others seek out to terrorize us or sling shit on our parade; their misery deserves company because no one wants to be lonely. Unlike inanimate objects, which can be moved, people challenge the individual by denying resources, inhibiting activities, or attacking the individual. It’s an abundant amount of suffering deal from the hands of our fellow man. Except the torture doesn’t end there! People possess the deviant skill to objectify us. Every individual is made up of two central elements: mind and body. These two central elements make up any unique being. However, people remind you that you are not unique or special. They inform you that you’re a physical being with grotesque characteristics. From their observations and verbal assessments, people comment on our weight, height, and even clothes.

This love and hate relationship has no set boundaries. If boundaries were established, people wouldn’t respect them. People have their own agendas to follow. The clash between beliefs, world views, and values cause a volcano to erupt. When this happens, a sense of security is violated and vulnerability dominates all thoughts. I don’t want to tear into a fellow human being, I really don’t. But some folks are pushing it. I mean, come on. What’s their purpose besides causing pain? I’m talking about those rotten, foul, repulsive wastes of space. I want to smack them, their parents, and the obstetrician.

Unfortunately, we need other people. As long as we live, we’ll be surrounded by people. Relationships with others shape our personalities and help determine our potential. No matter how excruciating the relationship, we’re reflections of each other even down to our deviant sins. The world is infected with others, yet it’s a necessary disease–an illness that’ll be the death of me.



It Hits When No One’s Around…..

It happens when no one’s around.

When no one’s looking. The night blankets over the environment.

When the television isn’t blaring, and my ears aren’t bleeding under the influence.

No interaction from social media or social interaction from everyone.

I’m alone in my thoughts then introspection sets in the moment.

A continuous playback of memories to ghost of the past haunting my inner psyches.

Never ceasing inconveniences discombobulate my internal process.

As much as it pains me, self-awareness is a gift and curse:

the double-edged sword capable of self-destructive damage.

These are the times of deep reflection.

I never regret my alone time.

I gather myself.

I don’t care what you think.

It’s mine and mine alone.

Degenerate’s Dogma

Ever woke up to one of those days feeling like

God took a dump on you? 

An interesting description to describe either a massive hangover or a detrimental tragedy.

It’s that awkward moment when life happens all too quickly and your reaction is too slow.

Life conned you into “living.”

Life is full of experiences, but life is a manipulative bastard.

Many idioms describe the consequences we face from it-

“That’s life”

“Shit happens”

or “Just the way it is.”

Except if this were true, a heap of situations like: drunk nights, one night stands, close calls and mishaps were endangerments concocted by my own hands.

Certain methods are intricately woven into the madness within our lives yet there are other events of life out of our control.

No one is immune to pain and sorrow.

I agree with “shit happens” on that end.

There’s no map filled with geographical landmarks: the landmarks are replaced with trial and error. 

We’re all flawed individuals born into existence and made into “humans.”

I know I’m not the only one that ponders this situation or I could be.

We’re just trying to make it back home after that godforsaken night out

to a new morning.

We’re all too hard on ourselves but it’s that will to live that drives us all.

So, I raise my glass to all of you….







or anyone who knows life can be a bitch!


Drink up!

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen man, but I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.”

-Jim Morrison


Message for Humanity

A Message for Humanity

Masticate this thought for me, reader.

Basic stories of characters with settings and plot,

Occasional works of obscure fiction written in flamboyant diction,

Or television shows or whatever media your mind chose

Why does life and fiction have similarities?

We’ve apparently became parodies:

archetypes, tropes, and plot devices according to our script;

the audience is all applause and standing ovation.

Supposedly, great ratings or bestseller!

You haven’t heard our success? Well, you’re a bottom-dweller.

Oh! You suggest a rewrite? A script change?

You’ll be written out. It can be arranged.

As Jaque said,

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

However, a rewrite can add layers:

Yes, dear reader–

You can be the writer!

Evolve a scene to make it brighter!

Sadly, ideas and influence are the base of your personality.

Unjust is this reality, but it’s the duality.

Determine which truth is yours to follow,

even if it’s slightly hollow.

Plot holes will continue to exist, because we can’t resist the perfect screenplay.

The poet of this musing is in the same boat as you;

he didn’t produce this particular piece.

I know you pondered enough you can cease.

There will be no riddle to guess;

it’ll only become a mess, you’ll be stupefied by stress.

I wrote as him to establish connection–

a ploy of deception call it misdirection.

I am Death.

I’ve been around for centuries,

I’ve guided many souls to the afterlife.

The past is behind…

The present is set…

The future is unclear…

The end is nigh…


Your health will deplete or an event will happen down the line–Never forget that your soul is always mine!